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Scrap-booking ideas

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away because once you capture a moment on a page, the moment might be gone, but the memory will never fade. Want to make a keepsake or memorial scrapbook? Scrapbooking is to preserve and arrange your memories with tons of fun and creativity like photos, newspaper cuttings, family history in the form of a book, card, box, etc.

Many people are fond of collecting sticky notes, newspaper cutting, picture cuttings, etc. in a small size of the diary or in a plain book. These are also the memories which you want to gather together for forever.

Here you will come to know how you can design your scrapbook for your memory of newborn baby, family, friends, kids project with different layout and designs. If you are a beginner then follow the steps given will surely inspire you. Scrapbooking is a crafting and documenting activity that should be detailed and filled with love and devotion that will last forever. Here I’m going to mention some points all about your scrapbook pages and layout what a good scrapbook should carry.

1. Title: A title is an information presented at the starting of your scrapbook, which can be in the written form, stickers, paper cutting which gives the attractive look to your title.

2. Photographs: The scrapbook is quite boring it doesn’t add photos to it. Photos are the best part to convey your story. It is good if the photos are organized according to the theme.

3. Cardstock paper: Cardstock paper is mostly thicker and different from normal writing or drawing paper. It is also in the form of the glitter, which can be used in making cards or for the base of any scrapbook layout.

4. Patterned paper: Patterned paper is to decorate your scrapbook pages with different designs also you can use it in making greeting cards.

Note: A note for the scrapbook beginners that use only acid-free products so your scrapbook to last as long as possible.

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