Scrapbook ideas for beginners


So, if you decided to design your own scrapbook and want it should be catchy then you should follow some basic steps to organize the things in a well-mannered way.  To avoid disruption or mishmash of the things there are few scrapbook ideas every beginner should follow before they start making a scrapbook.

1. Decide Scrapbook

To design a scrapbook it is important to select the scrapbook before you get ready to make. There are many types of scrapbook it can be in the form of albums, printed pages, and plain color pages and also in different sizes. So first is to select the size of a scrapbook, it can be of smaller one or 12 by 12 page. How much stuff do you want to manage in a scrapbook? According to scrapbook your notes and photos are going to be arranged.

2. Theme for Scrapbook

Next, decide on the theme on which topics you are going to organizing your scrapbook pages. Birthday, honeymoon, vacations, family, etc. memorable memories you want to sort by according to the themes. So that it can be easy for you to arrange them in sequence. You can design your scrapbook on one theme or you can add multi-themes in one book.

3. Get Organized

Before start making a scrapbook, it is important that the things should be well organized. Collect all your photos, cuttings, note, etc. which you want in a scrapbook and put it in a separate box so they can’t mix up. Once you assemble all your stuff, start organizing according to the theme, your photos with the handwritten notes which make reminds you of that photo.

4. Journaling (written words)

Not only adding photos and cutting make your scrapbook complete. Journaling is the most important part of your scrapbook page which tells the story behind your photo. Just adding photos can’t make your scrapbook memorable, for that, you have to go in the deep of your memories to write a story behind that moment. Scrapbook is not an album in which you can stick all your photos for that Facebook, Instagram account and your phone gallery is enough to show photos. In the scrapbook, the story tells the moment behind the photo.

5. Scrapbook materials for beginners

The materials you require to make a scrapbook is the type of scrapbook 12 by 12 or 8 by 8 (binding scrapbook), collection of photos, cuttings, and journaling according to the theme, to give a scrapbook page shiny look you can use glitter pens in the place of a simple pen or pencil, glue to stick your photos and cuttings, scissors or cutters to give your cuttings a look. If you are a beginner you can also buy the scrapbook kit from the nearby stationery.

These tips will surely make your experience of making scrapbook a much better one.

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