Photo Frame

Photo frame

“Hang your memories on the wall”

Photo frames are to preserve your memories not in the reel of the camera but on the wall of the house to make your house and your memories more beautiful. A plain photo frame is pretty boring, even if the picture itself is interesting. The solution to this problem is simple: add some spark and beauty to the frame with some unique designs of the photo frame.

Here is some easy and unique handmade photo frames design to capture your memories of vacations, wedding, family, etc. Earlier photo frames have been made of wood or glass, but now it can be made with paper, cardboard, newspaper, handmade sheet, waste material, etc. A photo frame made with your own hands can serve as both a beautiful decoration for your home or a great gift for your friends and relatives. Here are some paper designs, quilting and flower designs of photo frame to decorate the wall of your house.

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