Photo frame with the handmade sheet

Photo frame

Photo frames are a great way to show off your favorite pictures. And, a simple design of photo frames gives you the perfect figure for your picture. There are many stylish designs of picture frames which are based on the different collection of papers like handmade paper, glossy paper, printed paper, etc. So, here are some ideas for a DIY picture frame with the handmade sheets and many other papers too. Photo frames with handmade sheet give the frame a unique look and thickness. You can find many types of handmade paper with different color and designs. Handmade papers are eco-friendly and to ensure the long-term preservation of the picture in a frame. Making your own photo frame is not as difficult as it looks, you all need is the proper focus on the instructions given. For that, all you need is the beautiful handmade sheet to increase the beauty of handmade photo frames.

photo frame with handmade sheet

Stuff required to make a photo frame with handmade sheet are:

1. Handmade sheet

types of handmade sheet

Handmade papers are made up of the different types of waste paper. But, here you don’t have to make it you can easily buy it from your nearby store. Handmade papers are of different colors and designs, you can select according to your choice.

2. Pictures

collection of pictures

Photos play an important role in your designing of photo frames. You can also make a collage picture frame instead of keeping a bunch of frames.

3. Cardboard

use of cardboard

Cardboard is used in the background of the picture frame; you can also make photo frames with cardboard. It is not necessary to buy cardboard you can use waste cardboards like a shoe box, book cover, etc.

4. Materials

materials to decorate handmade photo frame

Decorate your picture frame using ribbons, quilling paper, stickers, stones.

5. Tools

tools required

To give your picture frame a shape you all required is scissors, glue, ruler, paper cutter, quilling tool for quilling designs, etc.


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