Calligraphy Writing

“Style of writing improves the handwriting’s appearance”

Calligraphy writing

Calligraphy is an art related to the style of writing using different pens like a pencil, ink pen, glitter pen, color, etc.  When I was in a college I supposed to make a front page of project files for other students just because of my writing style and in lieu of that, I ask them for a chocolate. It sounds funny right, so today I decided to share how to write in a beautiful handwriting or to add beautiful texture to your calligraphy. Calligraphy writing increases the beauty of your handwriting in your DIY projects like in greeting cards, slam book, scrapbook, invitation card, etc. which makes your craft attractive and gives a finishing look.
If your craft is handmade then the feeling and emotions hidden in your handwriting should also be calligraphy. In this blog, you will come to know the different techniques of writing letters or sentences with different calligraphy fonts.

Calligraphy can be done with many tools you don’t have to spend a fortune on purchasing different calligraphy tools.

Best tools for simple hand lettering are:

1. Pencil calligraphy

pencil calligraphy

The pencil is the best tools for the beginners to learn calligraphy. A pencil is a simple and easy hand lettering tool for practicing your calligraphy. If the font is not perfect you can erase it easily and start from the same point. This looks beautiful if you use it in writing notes, diary.

2. Crayons calligraphy

calligraphy for kids

‘Crayon letters’ which is something colorful and beautiful. Crayon calligraphy can be used in the projects of your kids, which give the project a unique look.

3. Glitter calligraphy

glitter pen writing

The letter written with glitter give the glossy look to your handwriting. You can use this calligraphy in card making, scrapbooking, letter writing, slam book, etc.

4. Pen calligraphy

pen handwriting

If you are interested in writing with a pen, in that case, you can use a fountain pen, dip pen and brush pens.

5. Marker calligraphy

marker calligraphy

Markers are often used in teaching, highlighting notes. But now you can also do calligraphy with the use of markers also. This idea can be used in rock painting, mug designing, script writing, etc. They are available in different colors with different nibs.

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